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Photo Reading course English testimonial from Irina Iacoboaie

About what I’ve got following the Fotoreading Course
In August 2009, I have followed the course Fotoreading with Connie Larkin, and I would like to share with you my after course experience.
• The high speed of reading
On the first hand, it had increased my reading speed; I can fotoread at least one book per day. I can fotoread one book and after 24 hours I can read it following the learned high speed methods and I realize that I retain much more information from that book as I was reading it using the common way, plus that it takes me half an hour to read the book. I get back, then, to that book and I read by least and bounds; I have several books which captivate me and I reread them after fotoread them. What is the most interesting is that every time, up to the questions I ask the author, I receive something more. I’ve got the possibility to access whenever the author “genius and over to over come to me information which I have no idea where there are coming from.
• Focus on the information searched in the book’s text
One from the books used at the course was ‘Zero limits’ written by Joe Vitale (in fact there are three authors): I’ve propose to myself, as a goal, to accost Mornah (the person which made known this curable Hawaiian method), and every time I’ve opened the book, at activation, I’ve found texts where she was mentioned, and what she said about this method of cleaning out our memories.
• Creativity
Beside me was sitting somebody which had a cookbook for pregnant women. I’ve browsed it a bit and I though: maybe, if I use it, what will I receive? I arrived home and I start cooking…I would like to mention here that I usually cook, but I have never been capable to do more that I have learned from the traditional Romanian kitchen. I had some mushrooms which seems to me god for a stew or with breadcrumb… but until the end I realized that I cooked Chinese food…with various vegetables cut in slices… and rise, food which I was eating only in restaurants. The next day I’ve made Japanese food, then Arabian food (about which I was thinking that only my friend is able to do it).
After three days of course, seeing whit how many pleasure I was playing with the colors when I was doing my mental maps to the fotoread books, I’ve asked myself if I could paint. I give up the old idea about myself that I could not paint even a tree in my life and I start to play with the colors, and without thinking at something special, just like that I start to put it on the paper. Until the end of October 20009, I’ve painted ten pictures, coming from I don’t know where, and I am organizing an exposition with my others colleagues painters.
• Focus on the information essence and release the unnecessary one
Beside the creativity I have the efficacy and the concentration when I begin to make something, to study, to create anything.
I receive tens e-mails daily which I read „in parte” and I manage to handle with a huge amount of information in short time, from which I pull out only the essence.
I fotoread materials from the internet, materials in electronic format and even the streets I walk throw.
• Relaxation
Another think in which this course helped me is the release of the sleeplessness and exercising the methods learned there, I can relax and sleep in few minutes, which is a performance for me.
• Recreation of the information received by me, from all the sources (from book, people, self experience)
For some weeks, I’ve begun to write articles, poems, coaching materials, I have a blog where I post what I write and the ideas which easily come, from an inspiration space and even from the latest Fotoread books:
• At the end
Me, at the course of fotoreading I wanted to discover who I am and with some days before the course I’ve asked myself what talents I could have, and this is what I’ve got. Just ask and you’ll get it.
I could speak for hours about what I’ve discovered and every day is passing I still discover others new things that I can do.
Irina Aiacoboae

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